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Which Parameters to Take into Account Choosing a Rangefinder for Hunting?

A laser rangefinder is an electronic optical device that is used to measure the distance to an object. The principle of its work is to measure the distance in a few moments due to the sent laser pulse and the received signal reflected from the calculation object. Areas of application rangefinder are very extensive: agriculture, navigation, geodesy, tourism, and others. It is also used in hunting. Every hunter should choose the most suitable rangefinder taking into account certain parameters. Check out the criteria for choosing your range finder hunting:

  • Distance measuring rangefinder: Of course, this is the primary parameter by which the rangefinder is chosen. From this parameter depends on how far you can use the range finder. The measuring range of compact range finders created for hunting ranges from several meters to 1000 meters or more. The maximum range of measurements is affected by the size of the target object; reflecting ability of the surface of objects; weather.
  • Dimensions of the range finder: An important factor in choosing a laser rangefinder is the size and weight of the structure. At the present time, almost all modern models have compact dimensions. The weight of 200-500 g is not critical for the hunting range finder.
  • Power and battery life: Laser rangefinders are powered by CR2 batteries or from a battery and for the most part have quite a long battery life. However, the hunter should always have spare batteries with him not only for the range finder.
  • The presence of a ballistic calculator and a goniometer in the range finder: Before buying a rangefinder for hunting, have a look at the one with a ballistic calculator. In combination with a goniometer, the presence of a ballistic calculator in the range finder will help to accurately introduce corrections to the height. Especially this function will be useful for observation in the mountains or in difficult terrain, when the target is often above or below the hunter. A number of models of laser range finders with a ballistic calculator can calculate the coefficient of the bullet drop.
  • The tightness of the rangefinder case: Some manufacturers produce laser rangefinders in a particularly sealed and shockproof housing, which makes it possible to use the laser rangefinder without problems, even in the most difficult weather conditions: rain, fog, snow, frost and even drop it. Fog lenses, water repellent display cover complete the picture.

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